Epidemiile și homeopatia

Pentru că există atâtea mesaje contradictorii legate de pandemia de coronavirus, colegii din Germania s-au gândit să realizeze un congres online în care au avut 12 invitați. Aveți aici un link cu interviul luat lui Andre Saine, Academia Canadiană de Homeopatie, care vine să lămurească rolul homeopatiei în epidemii de-a lungul timpului și rolul homeopatiei în epidemia actuală  Sars-Cov-2.
Dacă vreți mai multe informații legate de acest subiect vă invit sâmbătă 28 martie ora 19.00 la un curs online, gratuit, de 3 ore susținut de Andre Saine.
Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to invite you to attend a free Canadian Academy of Homeopathy Webinar from 1-4 PM (EDT) or 6-9 PM (CET) on Saturday March 28, 2020

Please click HERE to register (Webinar ID 493-510-571)


In the current COVID-19 epidemic, homeopaths from around the world will be called upon to treat patients with influenza and pneumonia. Homeopathy has a well-established record of dealing with such patients in a very safe, cost-effective and effective way.

One of the main goals of this webinar is give a step-by-step description of the methodology of homeopathy in patients with influenza and pneumonia, including what you should know before examining such patients, what needs to be specifically investigated in each patient, how to value the symptoms of each individual patient, how to choose the most appropriate homeopathic remedy and its potency, how to administer the remedy, how to assess the patient’s response to the prescribed remedy, how to follow-up each patient, and what hygienic measures and natural approaches can be used to complement the homeopathic treatment.

I will precede the clinical part with a brief overview of the success of homeopathy in times of epidemics and specifically review the clinical outcomes and their implications from the perspective of evidence-based medicine of the homeopathic treatment of the patients with influenza and pneumonia (a similar presentation to the one that was presented on March 18 during the American Institute of Homeopathy webinar on the COVID-19 epidemic).

I will also discuss the latest thoughts on homeoprophylaxis and the genius epidemicus specifically related to the current COVID-19 epidemic.

This webinar could also be a great introduction to clinicians who are not familiar with homeopathy and its methodology. I am reminded here of Dr. Jean-Pierre Tessier, an allopath of fame, who had the courage to put homeopathy on trial in his department of a Parisian hospital with patients, first with cholera, and then with pneumonia. With self-taught instructions on how to practice homeopathy, he was able to save 23 lives out of 100 patients with pneumonia that were lost in other departments of the same hospital at the same time.

Morbidity and mortality from influenza and pneumonia could be dramatically lessened by the simple application of homeopathy in the current COVID-19 epidemic. Italy has reported, as of March 19, 41,035 cases with COVID-19, of which 3,405 persons have died (an 8.3% mortality rate of all diagnosed cases), with 2,498 still remaining in a serious or critical condition. The fact that only 4,440 have so far recovered and 33,190 are still actively ill shows that recovery can be long and difficult under conventional medicine. It is known that homeopathy can greatly speed up the recovery time without leaving patients weakened by the treatment.

Aside from the current COVID-19 epidemic, the knowledge on how to properly manage influenza and pneumonia patients with homeopathy would save a great number of lives every year by its systematic application on an ongoing basis in every hospital, community clinic and village in the world.
Close to one million children under the age of five years die every year from pneumonia—more than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, and which accounts for 18% of all deaths of children under five years old worldwide. This doesn’t need to be so, as even the most severe cases of pneumonia recover quickly and gently under homeopathic treatment.

André Saine, N.D.

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